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Will that be indoors or outdoors?

How to enjoy the best of both worlds by installing Carinya sliding doors

Carinya Sliding DoorsWhen we dine out, more often than not, we ask for an outdoor table. Why? Firstly, it seems more natural to be out in fresh air, and secondly it provides a welcome contrast to the day most of us have likely spent indoors. At home, the same theory applies. More and more Australians are looking for ways to create indoor-outdoor living spaces, and the most effective way to achieve this is by introducing modern sliding doors.

Before you can create the perfect indoor-outdoor space, there are several aspects that need to be considered and potential challenges to overcome. Blended areas need to be easy to access, while still being protected from environmental extremes and remaining secure. Spaces need to be open and flowing when in use, and secure and protected from the elements when closed.

Well-designed quality aluminium and glass sliding doors can be used to modify an existing home, or to bring outdoor living to the forefront during the design of a new home. In either situation, it is important to find a solution that makes the most of the space to achieve the desired outcome.

The right doors for the right space

The first step is selecting the right configuration of sliding doors for the space, taking into account the dimensions of the area and the type of environment seeking to be created. The most common configurations are three-panel stacking doors or five-track doors with multiple panels. A three-panel option generally involves one fixed panel and two which slide, while multiple panel options can be configured to part in the middle or all stack to one side. It is worth noting that sliding doors do not need to be restricted to single wall spaces. For example, they can enclose a 90 degree corner or be custom designed to accommodate more complex architectural configurations.

Carinya Sliding Doors

Easy to use = more use

A door that is difficult to open is a door that people will avoid – ideally a sliding door should glide in one effortless motion. The key smooth door mechanisms can be found in the quality of the roller systems which need to be durable to withstand the impacts of use, weather and time.

Classic sliding doors come with Carinya's proprietary Alspec roller system, originally developed in response to the high-performance demands of the commercial environment. Custom "bump" stops and end caps also ensure a quieter door close and minimise the potential for slamming.

In locations subject to more extreme weather, such as coastal environments, stainless steel rollers and optional stainless cover tracks can further enhance durability and performance.

A seamless (and safe) transition

Ideally the border between indoor and outdoor areas is unnoticeable, providing an uninterrupted transition from one space to the other. A high profile or significantly raised sill can create a trip hazard or form a barrier to those in wheelchairs or mobility impaired.

The Carinya system provides two smart solutions – a low-profile sill or a flush infill track. Both options are able to deliver a seamless transition from one area to the next. These types of sills and tracks are also effective in keeping the elements out, by minimising areas where dirt can collect and where air and water can permeate. In addition, the inclusion of end caps and concealed weather flaps work together to conceal cavities, providing a finish which further reduces the potential for dirt, water and insect penetration.

Protection from the environment, no matter how extreme

Carinya Sliding DoorsInstalling sliding doors is an opportunity to further protect your home from Australia’s climate and environmental extremes. Carinya's Classic range is made from aluminium rated as BAL40 (Bush Fire Attack Level 40). In a bushfire situation, this means your aluminium doors are more likely to stay structurally intact, and your home will stay protected from airborne embers or burning debris.

For those living in Australia’s tropical environments, sliding doors that are cyclone compliant help provide peace of mind. The Alspec components utilised in the Carinya sliding door systems have been tested to ensure they will perform under cyclonic conditions, maintaining their structure and resisting water and debris impact.  

For those living in suburban metropolitan areas, sliding doors with acoustic benefits are necessary for achieving comfortable living spaces. The Carinya sliding door includes single glazing panels that can take up to 10.5mm glass without the need for additional unsightly adaptors. This has been independently tested to achieve high acoustic results ideal for city living.

Control the temperature, control the bills

One of the best ways to keep your home temperature constant and your energy use down is to reduce solar access and improve insulation. With glass sliding doors, there are many glass options which can measurably improve your home’s energy performance. Any sliding door system needs the capacity to accommodate a variety of glass thicknesses and weights.

The modern sliding doors produced by Carinya achieve just that. For example they can accommodate eco-friendly low emissivity (Low E) glass and double glazing without any modifications to the frame. Low E glass works by reducing the amount of energy that flows through the glass utilising special embedded layers while double glazing works by trapping air or gas in a cavity between two panes. Combining these two elements can significantly improve your home's energy rating and lower your energy bills, while also providing additional noise-reduction benefits.

Carinya Sliding DoorsScreen out the undesirables

Opening up a space with sliding doors can potentially expose your home to two less desirable elements – insects and intruders. Solutions to these problems can be found in the range of screening options which can easily be incorporated into the sliding door design.

For insect protection, Carinya sliding door configurations accommodate a variety of screen doors. Screens come in aluminium and fibreglass and in a range of styles from the standard screen to those providing higher visibility such as BetterVue® and UltraVue®. If security is of concern, a stainless steel product from Invisi-Gard can be incorporated. Woven from ultra-high tensile 316 stainless steel wire, Invisi-Gard's security mesh is stronger than its competitors, resistant to corrosion, and has a transparency which ensures views are preserved.

Whether you choose insect or security screens, the flexibility of the Carinya sliding door designs means either option can be easily incorporated into your new installation without the need of any additional tracks.

More flexibility, more space, more control

Embracing indoor-outdoor living allows you to take advantage of the natural environment when conditions suit and expands the useable space of your home. Installing a high quality aluminium sliding door solution, based on well thought-out design, superior materials and technology, will let you enjoy the best of the outdoors in a way that makes your home more flexible, comfortable and safe.

We have offices and showrooms across Australia, so please complete our online enquiry form or call us on 1300 257 732 for more information on our high quality Carinya glass sliding doors.


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