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Window double glazing to keep the heat in & keep costs down

Double glazed windows are the smart way to keep your home warm this Winter

With the end of daylight savings, crisp mornings and chilly evenings, there is no avoiding that summer is behind us and winter is looming ahead. Having spent the last few months trying to keep our home cool, we are now facing the opposite challenge – how best to keep it warm? While one option is to consider installing a comprehensive heating system, these come with the additional expenses of ongoing maintenance and running costs. A smarter, one-off investment which could dramatically improve your home’s energy performance, is the installation of double glazed Carinya windows and doors.  

Residential Window Double Glazing

What is window double glazing?

Historically the windows of most homes are comprised of single panes of glass with no special treatment. A single sheet of standard glass does two things really well – lets heat out and lets heat in – but those properties are not always desirable. In the cool winter months we want ensure the cold air stays out, and the warm air stays inside where we need it. While curtains and blinds go some way to help retain heat, double glazing is a smarter first line of defence.

Double glazing comprises two sheets of glass with air trapped between the two layers. Because air does not transfer heat well, it acts as a barrier, preventing the heat from passing freely from one side to the other. The end result is the heat stays where you want it to on the right side of the glass – inside in winter, and outside in summer.

Factor in the window frame

Double glazing, paired with an efficient Carinya frame, is the perfect combination to ensure an energy efficient home. In either a renovation or new build situation, the right type of frame and the right type of glass will be integral in determining the overall comfort level you experience in your home.

Residential Window Double Glazing

Aluminium framed windows and doors have many qualities which make them desirable in a modern home – they are strong, light and do not rust or need painting. However, being metal, the aluminium does have the potential to conduct some heat and cold. It is here where that, when combined with the appropriate glass, aluminium frames still remain the optimum solution.

The flexibility of the Carinya window and door products means they can accommodate the performance glass of your choice. A variety of glass thicknesses and double glazed glass can be utilised in their systems without the need for any special adaptations or added materials. Such versatility in design means you can select the best performing product to suit your space and environment, secure in the knowledge the Carinya system produce the optimum result.

Add up the savings

Electricity is the most common energy form used to heat out homes, and it is getting more expensive. Costs start to add up when a significant amount of the energy we use is wasted with the wrong window treatment. During winter, as much as half the heat you put into warming up a room can disappear if your home is not correctly insulated. Double glazed windows, on the other hand, can prevent this energy wastage.

In comparing a single glazed aluminium window to a double glazed, research shows the double glazed option can reduce the heat loss by almost 30%. Choosing to install double glazing not only provides significant energy savings, but boosts your home’s overall environmental performance.  Once installed, the beauty of double glazing is that, unlike other heating and cooling systems, you have no ongoing costs.

Reap the rewards all year round

Whether installing new or retro-fitting windows and doors, double glazing has the potential to significantly improve the energy performance of your home in both winter and summer. Not only does it save you valuable dollars in the face of rising energy costs, but it helps your home maintain a year-round comfortable environment.

For comfort, or savings, window double glazing is a sensible consideration when it comes to choosing the right glass for your next Carinya project.

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