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Carinya Residential Windows & Doors Hits the Road!

On the 8th to 10th September 2017 Carinya Residential Doors & Windows hit the road with their newly designed stand at the HIA Show in Brisbane. This 3 day event was a huge success with thousands of people visiting the Carinya stand to discuss how their range of high performance residential windows and doors helps to solve a variety of problems in residential homes.

Almost double the size of previous HIA shows, the new Carinya Stand created an inviting space where visitors could see and touch Carinya’s exclusive range of windows, doors and screening solutions. The large stylish overhead banner worked well to draw the eye of visitors to the HIA Home Show and the display of windows, doors and screening options were a big hit!

Visitors loved the Carinya displays

Instead of just reading a brochure, visitors to the Carinya Stand could open and close the doors and windows and actually envision how these products could fit into their homes. For example, it’s not easy trying to understand how a corner sliding door actually operates, and it is only when you see and walk across a flush sill that you realise the benefits of this type of design.

The large overhead banner showcased how the Carinya products could be integrated into existing homes or even installed in brand new homes right from the design stage. In fact, the Classic Corner Stacking doors were a bit hit with visitors to the Carinya Stand, as was the Bifold Servery and Hinged entry doors.

Visitors were practically queuing up to open and close these doors, being completely amazed at the quality and designs that are now available in the Carinya product range. Solar control options for reducing the effects of the Aussie sun inside homes were also popular, however the most visited display would have to be the Carinya Bi-Fold doors with the Centor S1E Screen.

The Centor S1E Screen is a retractable screening system that operates with just a fingertip to discreetly disappear into its frame when not in use. Paired with the Carinya Bi-Fold doors, visitors found that this was the ideal solution for their homes during the hot summer months.

At the Carinya HIA Stand, the Centor S1E Screen was not only used to showcase its screening and privacy benefits to home owners, but visitors were amazed and delighted to realise that it also has movie projection capabilities as well. This was a huge hit with families as their children gathered to watch the latest Box Office movies on the screen!

Parents loved the new Screening options

With Invisi-Gard, KidScreen and Alu-Gard Edge screening solutions on display, visitors to the Carinya Stand were truly engaged with our staff, prompting many demonstrations of how these products could be integrated into their homes. For example, the marine grade stainless steel of the Invisi-Gard security screening was very popular with home owners along the coastal waters of Brisbane’s Bay areas and particularly on the Gold Coast where the corrosive effects of the ocean spray is a problem.

The KidScreen mesh that prevents children from falling out of windows was a great talking point for parents, families and builders, and the Alu-Gard Edge that offers an all-aluminium screening and security option, specifically designed for Australian conditions, was also extremely well received. Consumers liked the smooth feel of the screen mesh and limited viewing angles for privacy reasons.

At the end of the three day HIA event, thousands of visitors had spent time at the Carinya Stand interacting with staff and road testing the Carinya products. It was a great success!


Why not catch the Carinya Display as we continue our HIA Tour on the following dates? 

Melbourne: 5th to 8th April 2018
Sydney: 25th to 27th May 2018

We look forward to meeting you!

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