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Carinya Cavity Sliding Doors

Open plan living has many attractions, such as making an area feel more expansive, improving lighting and encouraging household interaction. But what happens when you need a smaller space to provide privacy, reduce noise or accommodate separate activities? The answer comes in an exciting new trend – Carinya cavity sliding doors.

As the name suggests, cavity sliding doors are constructed so that when not in use they slide out of sight into a hidden wall cavity. This style of door can be used either internally to convert a larger space into smaller zones or externally to maximise openings to the outdoors. The amount of space needed to incorporate cavity doors varies depending on the size and number of door panels required. Ideally this is allowed for by the architect at the home design stage although they can be included in renovations as well. The Carinya door specialist then works in conjunction with the builder/installer to ensure adequate space and the correct frame size are allowed for.

When used in an exterior facing application, cavity doors are an attractive option to truly integrate indoor-outdoor living spaces. The width of the opening is maximised as the cavity door is able to be completely retracted inside the adjacent wall. For screening needs, the Centor S1E screen is the appropriate partner to protect a home from insects and the sun. When not in use, it conveniently retracts back inside the system’s frame. The opaque finish provides additional privacy benefits and means it can double as a movie projection screen at night. If security is of concern, Invisi-Gard’s 316 Stainless Steel Security Screens may also be paired with a cavity door, although they are fitted inside the house and not contained within the building envelope.

While standard sliding and folding doors may still be the preferred option in some cases, a Carinya door specialist can provide the best advice on the most appropriate solution to create the desired living environment. Cavity sliding doors, which easily convert open plan to private spaces, may be the perfect option to give home owners the best of both worlds.

Images are courtesy of Glass Co Metro WA.