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Product Range

Classic Range

The Carinya Classic range includes a variety of windows and doors suitable for all homes.

  • Sliding Window

    Sliding Window

    A unique combination of form and function not previously available in the residential category, the Carinya Sliding Window is complemented by superb engineering. A proprietary adjustable, non-corrosive roller system provides an effortless gliding motion that makes the window a joy to operate.

  • High Performance Sliding Window

    High Performance Sliding Window

    This window is a unique combination of form and function. Carinya has many visible advantages over alternative products and these include an exclusive handle located on the mullion for ease of access and cleaner lines and an in built weather flap - a feature of all Carinya windows.

  • Sliding Door

    Sliding Door

    This door is packed with a multitude of performance features. No exposed tracks, our complete range of threshold and jamb infills and end caps conceal all cavities. This provides a superior quality, commercial grade finish and minimises places for insects, dirt and grit to gather.

  • Double Hung Window

    Double Hung Window

    Besides a modern designer look, this window is packed with a multitude of performance features. The window is specifically designed to accommodate screening within the head and sill to deliver a clean professional finish and bump stops top and bottom to prevent frame damage.

  • Awning Window

    Awning Window

    A designer bevelled edge frame is standard for Carinya awning and casement windows and a wide sash for high-end residential applications is also available. The integrated hinge design is incorporated entirely within the frame to achieve the clean designer finish.


Select Range

The Carinya Select range includes premium windows and doors for the discerning home owner.

  • Double Hung Window

    Double Hung Window

    A premium product designed for those seeking superior functionality and style. With a generous frame width this double hung window is perfect for large openings. Cleaning is a breeze with removeable top and bottom sashes thanks to special take out clips and a unique heavy duty sash balance system.

  • Hinged Door

    Hinged Door

    This door is a unique combination of form and function, with inbuilt screen provision and option for internal or external opening configurations. Consisting of a modern designer look, the Carinya Hinged Door extrusions allow a balanced visual face and a vast array of hardware lock options.

  • Bi-Fold Window & Door

    Bi-Fold Window & Door

    This Bi-Fold System is a unique combination of form and function, with smooth accessibility and optional mid rails with multi-point locking in a range of opening configurations. With the use of the innovative Centor bottom rolling hardware, the system overcomes the requirement for any structural beam.