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Trigg Residence, WA

This new home incorporates Carinya window, door and framing products to deliver a sophisticated and well-protected home.

An inviting new residential home in the coastal suburb of Trigg in Perth, WA, is a showcase for Carinya’s extensive range of commercial-quality window and door framing solutions. Just a few blocks from picturesque Mettams Pool, this new home in Belhus Drive has incorporated Carinya window, door and framing products to deliver a sophisticated and well-protected home. 

Drawing on credentials from the commercial environment, Carinya products provide an affordable option without compromising quality for the residential build environment. Used in a large range of developments from multi-unit residential to high-end homes, the Carinya product line comes with an impressive range of performance specifications to meet acoustic, energy and cyclonic environmental requirements.

For openable windows, Carinya Classic 92mm Awning Windows were selected in the premium 92mm frame option (a slimline 50mm option is also available). With designer bevelled edges and wide sashes, the windows add a distinctly modern style to the home’s exterior. In practical terms, the wide sash provides a stable base for chain winders, which can be installed with either a standard or restricted opening.  All Carinya sashes feature a commercially based aluminium corner stake, combined with screw fixings, resulting in an extremely strong and durable sash. Carinya Classic Fixed windows, which feature the same styling and technical specifications, were also selected for the build.

Meanwhile a Carinya Select Hinged Door was used to provide access to the laundry area.  The combination of an 85mm wide face and a generous 125 mm frame gives the Carinya door a visually balanced finish, as well as making it easy to accommodate screening needs. The door’s flexibility also means hardware can be selected from a large range of options, depending on the client’s preferences.  While Carinya hinged doors are ideal for new residential constructions they are also often used in renovation projects and further options include sidelights, glass louvre and screening for security or insect protection.

On the upper level access to the outdoor balconies has been provided through Carinya Classic Sliding Doors. Like the Carinya windows, the doors feature a modern look while including important performance features. With end caps concealing all cavities, the home’s interior is protected from insects, dust and dirt while the internally concealed weather flaps reduce air and water infiltration. Meanwhile, the proprietary Alspec roller system used in the Carinya doors is the same as can be found in Alspec’s commercial ranges. The roller system comes in two options: general use (up to 80kg per panel) and heavy duty (for double glazing loads up to 160kg per panel). The commercially designed hardware which accompanies the doors also ensures durability and secure operation.

At ground level access to the outdoor entertainment and pool area has been provided by ProGlide High Performance Sliding Doors. With their ability to span large spaces, ProGlide doors enable the indoor and outdoor living areas to be integrated or separated as required with their full-height floor to ceiling openings. Similar to the Carinya range, ProGlide doors have been built with Australia’s extremes of climate in mind, featuring high weather performance specifications which allow designers to achieve demanding acoustic and thermal specifications.

As a demonstration of how the Carinya range can produce a stylish and protected home, the new occupants of the Trigg Residence will enjoy both the external visual appeal and the high performance features that come with selecting commercially credentialed window and door framing solutions from Alspec.

Architect: AMG
Builder: AMG Home Builders
Fabricator: SV Glass

Alspec & Carinya Products Used:
Carinya Classic 92mm Awning Window
Carinya Select Hinged Door
Carinya Classic Fixed Window
Carinya Classic Sliding Door
ProGlide High Performance Sliding Door